Full View: LesMoustaches.farm/portfolio

Full View: LesMoustaches.farm/portfolio

A specific biodiversity to this mountainous part of France brings a diverse group of interested individuals. The five piles of our culture consist in the artist residency, cooperative workshop, teaching program, and osteopathic program. Each is a body in constant discussion with our experimentations in bio intensive farming, edible forest systems, natural housing, and independent energy systems. The whole is referenced in an opensource database. Our objective is simple; to share knowledge with those who strive for this knowledge by broadening perspective.

The centre for experimentation is located on 30 acres in the mountains, twenty minutes from the nearest village, Tende. Three permanent houses structure the community with equal access to a fully equipped workshop, storage facility and all necessary appliances. Near Monaco and Nice there is familiar access to local galleries, professionals, and artists’ centres. Monthly, artists, curators and professors visit bringing a consistent dialogue to the open round table. 

Here is a space where friends and colleagues deepen their skills, research new ideas and develop expertise in their respective fields. It is an experience, which enables each act of care for people and the land to grow exponentially within all of us. It is where we work together and independently.

View the schedule here to see a general organization of daily events explaining how the community functions. Each individual is asked to have a contribution to the community whether it is cleaning, cooking, farming, or working on group projects.


The residency aims to engage in a continual critical and broadening discussion with artists work to help physically produce work.  Creating an environment that is open for experimentation and progressive production.


Les Moustaches Artist Residency is open to visual artists and writers to live amongst a non- traditional multi-disciplinary environment where expansion and experimentation is an ongoing dialogue. Artists are welcomed for two months with all accommodations provided (personal room, studio, 24/h workshop, meals, support) to work independently on ongoing projects and/or site-specific works within the landscape of the Mercantour National Park.

Artists here live in a simple traditional house next to a large sun-lit shared studio near a fully equipped workshop. Welcoming both physically intense and conceptually weighted work, artists are brought into a continual discussion. On-going projects are fully accepted as concurrent discussions broadening scopes of fellow artists and current residents. Whether in the gallery space or in the mountains, the work accompanies the farm expansion when other means are used to bring exposure for the artists.