The story of co-ownership of a land to the service of creative and scientific expression.  We have created an SCI (real estate society), the 400 shares are each worth 500€. Our project is based on people’s willingness to co-own some property put to the service of experimentation. People can become shareholder of our land, or they can donate any amount. Buying a share  means placing their trust in our work. Each investment is redeemed in five years time with 2% p.a. return. The scientific research and the creative aspect of the projects are both led by the association, which rents the space to the SCI and its many owners.

 We have designed our project so that people can invest and become long term associates, be part of our decision making process and have their words on our vision. This means financing land ownership. But we also propose to people to donate solely to the association which mission is to research, develop and promote creative and scientific means that help in the expansion of the natural farming movement.

 The trust you give us is our freedom. The money you invest or donate allows us to channel our energy towards the experimentation and the database. It gives you a chance to be part of the General Assembly and to constitute a Wise Council. It gives you access to all our accounts, our network and our competences if ever you wish to anchor your enterprise or project towards more acute environmental or social awareness.

Any shareholder needs to be a member of the association Les Moustaches. Subscription is 50€ a year and gives you access to all the newsletters and reports of activities.

 To proceed, please write to us: Certifying you want to buy shares of the SCI and for which amount. We will then send you the statuses of the SCA for you to sign. 

 If you simply want to donate please transfer on our account:  FR76 1751 5900 0008 0078 2711 876

 If you're interested in learning more send an email, or visit the websites here:                                                                                                                                                                         

Sources of income: 

- Sale of food production (SCEA) 
- Donations (Asso) 
- Contributions (Asso) 
- Grants (SCEA and Asso) 

- Lessons (Asso) 
- Artists' Residence (Asso) 
- Osteopathic Clinic (Asso)


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